lunedì 9 giugno 2014

Summer here we go!

It's finally summer here in Vienna, it's getting really hot, that means to me, time for ice cream, sun, long walks, a lot of outdoor activities or simply lying on a beach for the lucky ones, with a refreshing cocktails in your right hand ;), enjoying the "dolce vita".
What do you need more? ;) lol...actually there are few things that i use to call my summer must-have:
  1. Sun skin lotion Spf , i use at least 30!
  2. a nice hut, because it's trendy and protect yourself  from the sun, so why not?
  3. a pair of Havaianas
  4. a pareo
  5. a magazine to keep up to date with all the latest fashion!
  6. a pair of sunglasses
  7. last but not least a bikini
Summer is definitely my favorite season,  what is your favorite season and why?

I do love to hear from you and would appreciate any comments!


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