sabato 28 giugno 2014

I love that!

Graphics print & bright colours.
Hi girls,
how is your weekend so far? Yesterday i was with my boyfriend to see the famous Austrian soccer player David Alaba (he plays for German club Bayern Munich), he was in Vienna for a Meet & Greet event, it was fun! ;) He is so cute.
David Alaba

My Outfit:

After we went for a dinner so i wore this graphic pants with a bright orange tank top, a go-anywhere brown bag and woven heels with lace detail-so cute!

What do you love about this OOTD? I want to hear from you. I wish you a happy Saturday!


domenica 22 giugno 2014

Pink bag & blue/violet dress.

Hi Ladies!
I had a sunny Sunday and what about you? My Sunday started with a lovely brunch and a walk in the city...i love Vienna so much!

Do you like my outfit?!  I'm in love with this pink bag from H&M. I'm wearing a super cute summer dress with back cutout from Mango and Buffalo London shoes.
Have a funny evening!


sabato 21 giugno 2014

It's orange time!

Who else is loving the orange trend? I just bought this beautiful bright orange top from H&M and i decided to match it with a white trouser.

I'm not yet sure which nail polish should i use with it. What do you think?

For eyeshadow i decided to use this duo from Clinique in colour "sunburst" n 101.


giovedì 19 giugno 2014

See, summer, sun: Marine look!

Marine look with red lips and red nails, you don't need more to be classy on holiday! need I say more?

Did you like it?


Colors from Nature: Earthtone.

 Golden yellow crossbody bag, brown sandal & printed brown/yellow top.

I love this combination of colors, i know most of people will use this combination during autumn, but i think they look good also for summer, what do you think about that?


Pack with me! how to pack your beauty essentials!

Summer time is holiday time, we are all happy about it, we are looking forward to our holiday during the year, but when it finally cames, we "girl" have the same problem, how to pack in our luggage all our toiletries and styling products. 
Eveyone knows about the hand luggage restrictions, a few of them may vary by country and carrier, so always check airport and airline rules before you fly.
You are allowed to bring one quart size ziplock bag, with no single product larger then 90 ml.
You might consider to leave some products at home or you can find some tricky ways to bring with you all your beauty essentials. 
I know that many of you already know about that, but i'm sure there are still people who ignore that. 
So here you have some tips:

Don't wait for summer/ for your holiday, start before to collect all the products you might' s never too early and you ll never know when you ll have the next trip, so start now...

  1. Keep in your bathroom a separate basket, whenever you bring home sample, or you get a free trial size with a purchase or from a magazine add it to your supply.
  2. Go to a drugstore and buy your favorite products in travel size, if you are not able to find them,  keep reading ;)
  3. Buy refillable bottle and use your own product.
  4. Search multi-purpose beauty products: (a moisturizer with SPF, oil for body and hair, hair and body shampoo) but also multi-use make up like rouge for lips and cheeks, etc); so you'll save some packing space ;).    
If you have any other tips..please share with me ;) it's always good to find something new!


martedì 17 giugno 2014

Floral & Pink

The latest fashion trends are floral prints and bright colours for bags and shoes.
Why don't mix it? ;)

A crossbody bag in a bright pink will add some pop to your outfit, i like to wear it with a floral printed top and jeans! I'll add just some bracelets..because it is better less then too much!

 Do you like this trend? Stay tuned, i'll add some other ootd soon!


domenica 15 giugno 2014

Fesch'Markt Fair & Market festival for art and design 13-15 June 2014

The Fesch'Markt!

For those who has no idea what i'm talking about, it's an urban marketplace with over 180 young artists, designers and young creatives, it takes place twice a year in the Ottakringer Brewery in Vienna. Small independent design labels and emerging artists have the opportunity to show their works, from the categories interior design, fashion, jewellery, art, accessoires, bike, kids-design, graphic and product design.
All they have in common is to produce independent.

Walking around you'll notice that there is a lot of craftsmanship and attention to detail, that is something really hard to find nowadays, so i really appreciate it!In addition to that there is also a DJ line up, workshops on DIY and creativity, live perfomances, parties, food and drinks.

For more info, please look here:

If you are in Vienna, don't miss this. It' s really worth visiting!


Italian's flag inspired nail look

                                          Forza azzurri!

Sorry girls ;) i feel i had to support my national team!

The World Cup had begun four days ago and i had to do a nail inspired look on our flag: i mean the Italian one!!
I didn't have a lot of time to do it, that's why i've done something easy and quick!
However, Italy won the match tonight, i'm so happy about it! You could use this as inspiration on upcoming games, of course you can use the coulor you want!
I used a white base on three fingers, where i added some dots in green and red, i painted my medium finger in green and the other finger in red. I finalized adding some italian's flag stickers.

Did you like it? i hope so..;) let me know, if you have done something similar to support your national team!
I wish you a good sunday!


sabato 14 giugno 2014

The Vienna fashion night 12 June 2014, Vivienne Westwood fashion store & Poppy Delevingne.

The Vienna Fashion Night June 2014

The Vienna Fashion Night was again a big success, i really enjoyed it! It is a shopping and charity event (for more details please see More then 50 shops in the 1st and the 7th district had opened until 22 clock, they offered special discounts and goodies for the customer. The highlight of the evening was the Vivienne Westwood Fashion-Show. Poppy Delevingne was a special guest at the event (you can see my pictures at the end of this post).



However for the people like me ;), who didn't have the ticket for the fashion show, there was the chance to follow this in streaming from "the Goldenen Quartier" in Tuchlaubenhof. I decided to have a look at the Vivienne Westwood  fashion store, there are no words to describe how amazing it is..i love her shop.

Love at the first sight!

After that i took a walk to Graben, i noticed that at Starbrucks, there was a Frapuccino  photo-corner, where they invited you to have a Frappuccino shooting, i didn't refuse it ehehe ;) i love it ;)

I just started walking again when i saw this beautiful girl coming out from one shop, i didn't need a lot of time to recognize her, so i took some pictures of her. She looked fantastic and classy, she wore a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood rose printed dress with a pair of nude heels!