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Brazilian-inspired Nails for beginners!

During this days, every shops display products with the green, yellow and blue colours, from Groceries to Beauty Store; yes, i'm referring to Brazilian's flag, with his blue disc sky, within a yellow rhombus and the green field. 

The World Cup starts tomorrow, that is why i decided to do a nail tutorial inspired by these beautiful colours!

Get ready for the World Cup and show your support for your favourite national Team! If you like this Nail Art keep it reading:
First of all take your time! ;)
What do you need:
A base coat, a top coat, a dotter tool, tape, an old bowl, a toothpick, a white polish for nail tips with precise brush (the same that you use for french manicure), polish in blue, yellow and green colour; if you don't have the green, look at step 2.

1 Step after a Base Coat, put some tape on your nail, like in the picture below:

2 Step paint your half nail green,(if you don't have the green colour, you can mix a yellow and a dark blue polish).

3 Step let it dry very well, remove the tape, draws a white line along the green, let it dry. Paint the other side with the yellow colour.

4 Step on the ring finger, do the same like step 2, put the tape on your nail, paint a side of your nail green and the other side white.

5 Step paint your nail white, let it dry well, add small blue, green and yellow dots with a Dotter tool.

6 Step paint your nail blue, add some yellow dots with a Dotter tool. Let it dry and add a flag sticker.

7 Step "Marble nail effect", paint your nail whiteonce dried, put some tape around your nail, choose an old bowl, you don't need anymore, fill it with water.

8 Step choose a polish, i used blue, yellow, dark blue and mint.
Let a drop fall into the bowl of every polish you choose, always in the center of the other polish!

9 Step take a toothpick to make some lines, until you obtain the desired design.

10 Step Dip your nail into the bowl for 10 seconds and then take out, the design is now printed on your nail. Remove the tape carefully and clean it up with some polish remover.

11 Step when dried apply a Top Coat. Finished!

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