giovedì 19 giugno 2014

Pack with me! how to pack your beauty essentials!

Summer time is holiday time, we are all happy about it, we are looking forward to our holiday during the year, but when it finally cames, we "girl" have the same problem, how to pack in our luggage all our toiletries and styling products. 
Eveyone knows about the hand luggage restrictions, a few of them may vary by country and carrier, so always check airport and airline rules before you fly.
You are allowed to bring one quart size ziplock bag, with no single product larger then 90 ml.
You might consider to leave some products at home or you can find some tricky ways to bring with you all your beauty essentials. 
I know that many of you already know about that, but i'm sure there are still people who ignore that. 
So here you have some tips:

Don't wait for summer/ for your holiday, start before to collect all the products you might' s never too early and you ll never know when you ll have the next trip, so start now...

  1. Keep in your bathroom a separate basket, whenever you bring home sample, or you get a free trial size with a purchase or from a magazine add it to your supply.
  2. Go to a drugstore and buy your favorite products in travel size, if you are not able to find them,  keep reading ;)
  3. Buy refillable bottle and use your own product.
  4. Search multi-purpose beauty products: (a moisturizer with SPF, oil for body and hair, hair and body shampoo) but also multi-use make up like rouge for lips and cheeks, etc); so you'll save some packing space ;).    
If you have any other tips..please share with me ;) it's always good to find something new!


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