domenica 15 giugno 2014

Italian's flag inspired nail look

                                          Forza azzurri!

Sorry girls ;) i feel i had to support my national team!

The World Cup had begun four days ago and i had to do a nail inspired look on our flag: i mean the Italian one!!
I didn't have a lot of time to do it, that's why i've done something easy and quick!
However, Italy won the match tonight, i'm so happy about it! You could use this as inspiration on upcoming games, of course you can use the coulor you want!
I used a white base on three fingers, where i added some dots in green and red, i painted my medium finger in green and the other finger in red. I finalized adding some italian's flag stickers.

Did you like it? i hope so..;) let me know, if you have done something similar to support your national team!
I wish you a good sunday!


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