mercoledì 2 luglio 2014

The Italian dress: On a rainy Sunday...

The Italian dress: On a rainy Sunday...

On a rainy Sunday...

You never know who you happen to meet on a rainy day...

Hello girls!
how was your weekend? i hope you had a great one. Here the weather was not very nice but i decided to go out anyway and to go to a French Bistrot called "Le Bol" for a "cronuts" it was so yummy..;).

After that i took a walk through the city where i ran into the German actor Daniel Brühl, (he played in film like: Rush, Inglourious Basterds, Good bye Lenin etc.). For his role as Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda in the film Rush, he received multiple award nominations. It was so strange to me, because i saw his film Good bye Lenin the first time, during a German class at the University and i had to translate it for a test.
This was one of the time in my life where i was so glad to have learned German!

I know this is not the classic fashion post, but i hope you like it!
I'd like to have some feedback! Have you ever seen any of his movies? What do you like to do on rainy days?
I wish you a sunny week! ;)


sabato 28 giugno 2014

I love that!

Graphics print & bright colours.
Hi girls,
how is your weekend so far? Yesterday i was with my boyfriend to see the famous Austrian soccer player David Alaba (he plays for German club Bayern Munich), he was in Vienna for a Meet & Greet event, it was fun! ;) He is so cute.
David Alaba

My Outfit:

After we went for a dinner so i wore this graphic pants with a bright orange tank top, a go-anywhere brown bag and woven heels with lace detail-so cute!

What do you love about this OOTD? I want to hear from you. I wish you a happy Saturday!


domenica 22 giugno 2014

Pink bag & blue/violet dress.

Hi Ladies!
I had a sunny Sunday and what about you? My Sunday started with a lovely brunch and a walk in the city...i love Vienna so much!

Do you like my outfit?!  I'm in love with this pink bag from H&M. I'm wearing a super cute summer dress with back cutout from Mango and Buffalo London shoes.
Have a funny evening!


sabato 21 giugno 2014

It's orange time!

Who else is loving the orange trend? I just bought this beautiful bright orange top from H&M and i decided to match it with a white trouser.

I'm not yet sure which nail polish should i use with it. What do you think?

For eyeshadow i decided to use this duo from Clinique in colour "sunburst" n 101.


giovedì 19 giugno 2014

See, summer, sun: Marine look!

Marine look with red lips and red nails, you don't need more to be classy on holiday! need I say more?

Did you like it?


Colors from Nature: Earthtone.

 Golden yellow crossbody bag, brown sandal & printed brown/yellow top.

I love this combination of colors, i know most of people will use this combination during autumn, but i think they look good also for summer, what do you think about that?